Everyone knows about the châteaux of France but the prehistoric monuments are arguably just as important.  Some of the earliest artifacts of "modern man" are found in France.  In particular Dolmen (such as the ones here) are the only evidence of our immediate prehistoric forebears.  These are often between four and six thousand years old.

The dolmen at Bagneux is reputed to be the largest in Europe.


There is a direct line of connection between the dolmen of France and the later erection at Stonehenge.  However, we don't really know what they were about.  (The clever money is on burials.)

This dolmen in Genne is almost as large as that at Bagneux.  It's much less well preserved but is in a more open aspect and gives a better impression of their grandure.

Some other, smaller dolmen can also be found in and around Genne
Dolmen Outside Genne   Another dolmen Outside Genne


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