This is a remarkable building with a truly amazing history. It's main claim to fame for English visitors is that it is the burial place of Henry II and his incredible wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. It is also the last resting place of Richard the Lionheart's heart (but, apparently, not the rest of him).

There is a lot more to the place than just that, though. It would appear that it was a centre of women's liberation as long ago as the 13th century. (There is nothing new under the sun!) Many influential women in early European history were strongly influenced by the ideals of Fontevrault.

Then there was Napoleon. In France, there is always Napoleon! He wasn't to keen on churches and he turned this place into a prison.

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The official site is quite good but you will need flash installed on your PC.

There are some good photos here (but no real text).

You can find out a little more about Eleanor of Aquitaine here.


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