Chinon is a town of significance in English history because it's here that Joan of Arc stiffened the French king's resolve, which proved to be a turning point to the hundred years war.  Arguably, if this hadn't happened, there would have been an English king on the throne of France.   Chinon château
A closer look   It has another benefit: it looks like a real castle (while some of the great châteaux are little more than country homes).  See here for more info (and info on other châteaux).
The official site seems to be a bit basic (but with some good photos and a video).   The castle isn't Chinon's only claim to fame.  Another is the influence of Rabelais, one of the great renaissence scholars, who was born and lived in Seuilly, nearby.
Map   Rabelais
The small town of Chinon is itself quite attractive and may be worth a visit in its own right.


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