Brézé château is not far from Montreuil-Bellay, so you can visit both on the same outing.  Having said that, if you do Brézé justice, there is a lot of walking.  (The web site is worth a visit to give a comprehensive idea of what it offers.)   Brézé château
 The moat   If Brissac is the highest château in the Loire, Brézé is the deepest.  In fact it is actually built on top of a subterrainean earlier castle.  A good proportion of the visit to the château is an exploration of the tunnels ...  (Note: not recommended if you suffer from claustrophobia.)
... and the rooms built into the walls (such as this baking room).    The bread oven
The original entry   This is simply an example of one of the things you'll see in the moat (and an excuse to show what we think is a great image).
Of course, you'll be able to look around the above-ground château too.  To be honest, there's not as much to see in this half of the site, but there are still some interesting appartments...   The wash room
 Cardinal Richelieu's room   ... including the rooms used by Cardinal Richelieus.
Additional things to explore include this dovecot.  And, of course, there are opportunities for wine tasting.   Dovecot


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