At first sight Baugé château does not look as interesting as other châteaux in the Loire, but take a look at the web site and you may feel that there's more to it than meets the eye.   Baugé château
 The Apothecary'sHouse   Then there's the Apothecary's House.  You can find information at the same web site.
Another oddity that's worth a visit are the twisted towers of some churches in the area.  You can find one of these in Old Baugé (Vieil Baugé; and, yes, that isn't a doctored photo).    Old Baugé steeple
You can combine a visit to Baugé with a browse around a local market.  These are held on Saturday mornings and Monday afternoons.  Be warned, though, that these can be quite expensive and (as is so often the case) you may need to go early to get the best bargains.  It does seem to us that, on the whole, French markets aren't particularly cheap but can offer distinctive products.


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